About us

Media project based on Internet technology for distributing mass information in the sphere of culture, especially the performing arts.


  • A single information base in the area of performing arts and the associated commercial and non-commercial activities.
  • Promotion of the modern trends in the cultural and performing arts.
  • Informing the general public about upcoming events and the associated activities and comments.
  • Enabling copyright publications and exchange of experience.
  • Research, education and creative activity as a store of traditions, customs and culture of preserving the national identity of all nations.
  • Provision of international arena for creativity of amateur groups and soloists in the area of performing arts.
  • Video presentations from participations in international events.
  • "WSE" rating for stage performances in events conducting the by organizers registered.
  • "WSE" rating for the prize "absolute champion" - determinant of the nominations in events held with the support of the media format.
  • Advertisement and presentation of goods and services related to theatrical performances and the associated activities.
  • Video capture and reflect the international events in the area of performing arts and events directly or indirectly related to them.


  • Disclosing the creative potential of young people by actively participating in various creative manifestations.
  • Encouragement of participants with different nominations, prizes and awards.
  • Involving the general public and institutions of support on  creative expression through participation and / or financing to private and public means of creative groups and organizers of the same.
  • Cultural and creative exchange between young people, participating in joint events off stage for the creation of lasting contacts and friendships between them, guarantee a more peaceful world .
Димитър Тодоров

Dimitar Todorov


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Татяна Тодорова

Tatiana Todorova


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Александър Тодоров

Alexander Todorov

Event manager

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Любомир Тодоров

Lubomir Todorov

Office assistant

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