Frequently asked questions

What is WSE ?

Media project based on Internet technology to distribute media in the sphere of culture, in particular the performing arts.

How to register?

Registration is absolutely free. You need to enter current email password of your choice, your name and telephone number.

It is necessary to read and accept the terms of use.

After clicking on the register will receive an email with a link to confirm your registration. This is necessary for safety reasons to prevent misuse of your information.

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What can you do when you do your registration?

Once you register you can publish news or an entire publication.
You can  add events, only if you  added details.

Then you need to register as a natural or legal person and fill in the appropriate fields.

Only then you can add events and pictures to them.

You also have the opportunity to upload videos from your events or other of your choice in the relevant categories.

You should keep in mind that the publications are conducted with prior administrator approval.

The aim is to prevent publication of materials with obscene content, pornographic, extremist, radical and other inappropriate to the theme of the site.

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What does mean an event?

Once you have registered on website and you have chosen organizational form, you can add events related for example to your registered community center and post information regarding them as photos and videos.

Events can be festivals, workshops, lesson, lecture, master class and others.
You can add events to all registered your physical and / or legal entities.

How to create event?

Go to My Account »Add detail» Events »Add New Event
Then fill in the details and published the event.

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How to create news?

Go to My Account »My News» Add News
Then fill in detail and published the news

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What means natural person?

When you represent yourself, your registration will be on site as an individual.

You can add the same way in your profile information for your friends and people who are unable or difficult to work with computers, tablets and other electronic devices but want to become part of the big family of the WSE

What means legal person?

Entity is fictional organization of / for people with established device and separate property recognized by law for independent holder of rights and obligations.

Legal entities are:

  • under public law - state, municipal and other municipal, etc. Municipal Council, state and municipal enterprises doing business;
  • under private law - corporations, cooperatives, associations, non-profit (profit) target (associations and foundations), traders (companies) without sole traders, etc.

In terms of registration to the site listed above belong and sole traders, dance groups, vocal groups and theater companies, orchestras, etc